Friday, September 13, 2013

Radio Ep. 7 - Does it suck being a dropout?

The main problem most dropouts in today's society have to face is a psychological one. Most dropouts have been conditioned to work against their own interests and resign in the face of unsurmountable obstacles.

Most dropouts end up drowniing their sorrows in alcohol and cheap pleasures that are unsustainable.

We have been conditioned to learn that we are not good at learning and therefore will only get low paying jobs if that.

We have been taught that without the required accreditation, there is no success and wealth waiting for us in the real world... that is. Unless we become rappers, athletes and entertainers.

This is why most dropouts who live in poverty spend a lot of their time and the little money they accumulate playing the lottery. The years of classroom learning they endured in school did not equip them to deal with real economic calculations, and they usually get too distracted by the glitter and shine to notice that they are playing a losing game.

All dropouts get lumped into one stereotype, because the conscious and unconscious dropouts get rated and categorized as one.

Here is an article I ran across while doing some research that was quite interesting. One thing you will notice is the level of drive and dedication to be successful that this person had.

I ran into a list of 55 millionaire high school dropouts and I'll go over some of the uncommon ones in a bit because everyone knows the big names.

See the first objection most people raise when you try to provide tips and advice to dropouts is that everyone at least has to attend high school or they are doomed. The problem is that most dropouts have no real support network like the one provided in school. We as a society need to spend more time and energy creating alternative support networks and educational resources geared toward those who do not learn well by applying the traditional schooling techniques.

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So did you know someone who agrees with the message of this show is giving college dropouts $100,000 a piece to drop out of school.

Peter thiel that is. Now here is the ironic thing about it. Imagine, if that sounds so great to you, the average parents who sends their kid to school can do this. Most children who go to school end up getting in debt for over 100k a lot of times. Most of these students will then have to work for some company for years, hoping to make it up to middle management and hopefully the executive level.

For that same amount of money, and similar amounts of time because it takes about 2-3 years for most businesses to take off. That means before the college students are graduating, the dropouts could be already financially established and have the experience to get similar if not better jobs than the graduates because they already have the experience.

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