Friday, September 13, 2013

Radio Ep. 8 - Sex education but nothing about relationships in schools

Do you think it makes sense that most states and schools teach students about sex and abstinence long before they cover all aspects of a relationship. It seems that they focus primarily on the hormones and biological aspect without first reaching out to the mental and emotional aspects that take place before any sexual encounter is even possible.

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This is one major contention I have with the public schooling process, which is that it Ignore the soul inside the machine and merely treats all children in a robotic, cattle like fashion.

This is one of the main reasons we are not taught how to think but are instead told what to think. There is not one class in school for kids, that teaches the internal arts.

How to control your breathing, how to remain calm using ancient techniques, how to get your brain in a state that you can learn faster and think on your feet using simple meditation and breathing exercises anyone can be taught. No no no.. they teach everything else but that which matters most.

It Is the same thing when we get back to this sexual education situation, now let me read off some numbers so you can get a picture of the situation that schools are working to correct.

Stats from page
Compared with their Canadian, English, French and Swedish peers, U.S. teens have a similar level of sexual activity, but they are more likely to have shorter and less consistent sexual relationships, and are less likely to use contraceptives, especially the pill or dual methods.[7]
• The United States continues to have one of the highest teen pregnancy rates in the developed world (68 per 1,000 women aged 15–19 in 2008)—more than twice that of Canada (27.9 per 1,000) or Sweden (31.4 per 1,000).[8]
• Every year, roughly nine million new STIs occur among teens and young adults in the United States. Compared with rates among teens in Canada and Western Europe, rates of gonorrhea and chlamydia among U.S. teens are extremely high.[9, 10]

so as we can see by these numbers, the problem is not students not knowing how to have sex or how to use contraception, the problem is their relationships are shorter and the have more partners than the other developed countries, which lead to more exposures to stds and unwanted pregnancies.

Here is the thing. Wouldn't that be an obvious sign and clear signal that kids have no shortage of knowledge about sex, and everything they are seeing in sex education class is precisely what they already heard about or seen on TV shows and movies.

The problem is that these kids are emotionally unstable and not ready for the implications of their choice of sexual partner. No one taught them about the things they may feel and how to deal with them so that they are not making crazy decisions based on short-lived emotions.

Schools do not take any time or waste any effort on teaching children about the overwhelming pull certain emotions can have on them once they hit puberty and get to that age.

Instead of getting these kids started in meditation, breathing exercises, yoga, and other arts that help one overcome strong emotions and remain conscious through trying situations. Self discipline is not taught at all.

Some people tell me that schools teach self discipline and students who go to school have more discipline than those who drop out. This is simply not true, schools do not teach self discipline because you have to do certain things or you get into trouble. Staying out of trouble and fearing authority or the negative opinions of your peers is not part of self discipline.

This is why most students who drop out of school late in high school or college face issues when it comes to having the motivation and discipline to get up and start going for your goals.

Instead most have to retrain themselves like myself and learn how to be your own fuel for fire when it comes to doing something consistently.

Schools teach mostly compliance and obedience to commands from authority. Schools teach you conformity by constantly putting you in situations where going against the group is you r natural instinct, but you are forced to anyway in order to keep the peace, not make the teacher mad, don't get us all in trouble, not more homework because of you, stop talking back and running your mouth, You're disturbing the classroom.

School teaches you to shut your natural inventiveness and originality down just to keep the so called “group” happy.

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