Friday, September 13, 2013

Radio Ep. 9 - Schools Don't teach anything about money

What do schools teach us about money and how much do students and graduates really know about how wealth is created in modern society.  Listen Live Here

Economies were pretty simple back in the day before we discovered agriculture. The economy was simply each person gathering and hunting as a part of a tribe or small commune.

Without agriculture, there was no surplus in resources and most people were preoccupied with feeding themselves and keeping warm or cool and avoiding disease and threats, but almost everyone who was alive was engaged in producing or procuring food.

As agriculture was developed over the years and less and less people had to spend time on food, the economy all of a sudden came into being, because now people had the time and resources to create other sorts of things, like cloths, specialized foods, food products, and different crops. Before we all went out and hunted, and shared it all as a commune, because well, we were poor and If we didn't do things this way dying out was a rel possibility.

As more of us had time to focus on other things besides not starving to death, our communities grew into full fledged economies like we presently have.

What is money? How was money created. People think banks and governments create money, but in reality the money is

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