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Is school The best way to learn?

Well here are several well spoken and highly educated individuals who seem not to think so.

The Purpose of Schooling
Education Vs. Indoctrination
The College Conspiracy
The Underground History of The American Schooling System

What are schools missing?

Schools are an outdated solution to a constantly evolving problem and by their nature do not teach you how to think for yourself in order to create a life that fits your needs and plays on your individual strengths. Instead they simply teach you how to fit into a system that compartmentalizes your thinking through "specialization" and binds you through years of time and money invested.

Our show and Round-table groups focus on learning the skills that schools neglect to teach us.  We are not taught what money is and how money is creates, how to come up with profitable ideas that solve people's problems instead of profit from their suffering.

Instead of teaching our members how to look for and get jobs, our aim is for each member to be able to create their own dream jobs as well as jobs for others in the process.  We are taught to believe that society goes round and round because of a workforce of people who can perform monotonous tasks.  To the contrary, we most benefit when we engage our most unique feature, the mind, and one person's ingenious idea can remove the needs for the manual labor of thousands of people.

We are taught to believe that money is created by taking from others through wars and agressive market competition.  This is all an illusion because in reality, wealth and prosperity are creted through the creation and voluntary exchange of value between individuals.

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