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Radio Episode 6 - "Dropout's Roadmap to Success" Caller Debate

In this episode I reviewed an article I wrote to help dropouts overcome financial and education burdens they may be facing.  Here are two articles below, But I was only reading over the first one.  I hope they help you on your journey to self discovery and success!

I dropped out of school, Now What?

Tons of Business Ideas For Dropouts:

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Radio Episode 5 - What about those who don't fit in?

What is the point of our show and what do we mean by self education. Self education is something everyone does.
  • When you pick up on the latest slang
  • when you start dressing like your peers
  • when you learn how to drive and navigate your way around your local area
  • when you learn to dance by watching dance moves on tv
  • when you cook by reading a recipe and experimenting
  • When you learn how to compose instrumentals by simply doing it every day
  • when you learn how to play an instrument at home
  • when you learn how to fix minor things on your car, changing tires, changing the oil, changing the alternator or battery and the starter.
  • When you learn how to clean your house by simply doing it and seeing what works and doesn't.
  • When you learn how to eat healthy and exercise by going to the gym or doing the physical activities your into.
  • When you learn how to swim or how to use new gadgets or how to garden and take care of your lawn.
I could go on for days, but see the point that I'm making is that self education is the norm.  Self education is what we do most of the time we need to learn the most critical skills needed for a functional life, such as learning how to walk as infants and learning to speak as toddlers.

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There is no government mandated school for any of these skills we couldn't live without, so why is it that when people opt out of government mandated school in their teens, we treat them as if their academic life is over, when there are obviously thousands of ways to learn the same skills and information.

Self education does not mean no schooling period. It means self directed schooling based on your own interests and talents.  If you're not in school once you hit 18 you better move out is what we're told. 
So those who go the traditional route of schooling, the schooling directed by the desire for a stable job with a nice paycheck are provided a social cushion and the environment to make the best of that education.

Those who want to first find themselves and then direct their own education through alternative means are kicked to the curb and forced to have to deal with the harsh realities of life long before they are able to get either goal accomplished.

I'm generalizing, but what I'm saying is based on my own experience and I know I am not the only one who goes through this.  

The problem with self education, is that we presently its mostly an isolated process where students and people are left on their own to find their way. Most dropouts or home schoolers do not have support networks or guidance when it comes to sharing resources and tools to make their self education journey easier.

There are many educational resources, but not too many people connecting the dots and helping these students turn their human capital into great careers and businesses. Most who chose self education are told that they will earn less money and that they only have a few low paying options as careers.

This is simply false and in my opinion the most personally liberating and character building careers do not require school.

Here are a couple reasons why this the case.

If you're teaching yourself the things you want to learn how to do and putting in enough energy to actually reach a professional level, you probably have twice the self motivation and exerted twice the willpower that anyone in school has. And by not only learning but developing your own curriculum, you gain a perspective and level of expertise on the topic that are of great value to customers. Not so much the schools.

To turn human capital and the skills you possess into a source of income require you to learn skills that for the most part may be unrelated to your main interests. being the best at what you do in the world means nothing if you do not have the ability to sell yourself and make that service public knowledge. in the school and government supported employment web, filling out a job application is all one needs to do, which bypasses the need to learn what goes on across the room from them in the marketing, billing and finance department.

This is how we end up with so many scientists who can only think one way about things and fail to connect the dots present when you start looking at the bigger picture.

The thunderbolts project is a yt channel that talks about how the physical universe is mostly electric. Mainstream physicists claim that electricity does not play a major role in the movement of the stars and alignment of the planets, but the engineers across the room for them claim otherwise, even offering solutions to many of their so called unsolved problems through simple lab experiments and principles that have been known since the late 1800s.
IF these academics (theoretical physicists to be exact) were like engineers who are active in translating scientific discovery into real products people use and pay for, instead of relying on money handed to them through grants, they would also have the need to go across the room and explore what other fields of research may be able to contribute to their own research.

To the contrary though this mentally compartmentalized group ignores everyone else's input due to lack of exposure.

Radio Episode 4 - "Please Don't Drop out of school" Review

Welcome to the dropout rebellion now called self education radio. Its time for the wise and educated to speak out in response to the stigma and constant criticism we receive as dropouts.  I hope you enjoyed the previous clip and please call in to the show at --- to share your thoughts on what you just heard.

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"You shouldn't drop out of school because its a scary thing to do for most people." Do you think that is true or does it pay off to face your fears and follow your instincts about educating your self.

No one who drops out just thinks I'm gonna drop out, stay home and do nothing from now on and be poor. Most of the dropouts who end up like this are immobilized from certain unseen processes in our economy. What we call opportunity cost in economics, translated to a shortage of opportunities for the oucasts.

Well , If you're one of the people who feel this way, you've come to the right place, because the opportunities abound once you learn to shift your perspective and retrain yourself on how to think.

You see, there are thousands of problems in this world faced by all sorts of people. There are so many problems to be solved that we probably couldn't identify them all. It's also futile to try to identify all problems people face because there are new ones popping up all the time.

What I mean is that things that were acceptable and ok yesterday, become not okay as you learn more and more information. This means that as you encounter more information and as the species in general does the same thing, we are constantly creating new problems and in the information age, more problems are coming into existence than we can solve, and there are no signs of this process slowing down.

What am I talking about and why do I bring this up? Well problems people face represent opportunities for profit by providing a solution. You provide an answer that saves people's time and energy when it comes to dealing with anything, and you stand to profit from that difference in time and energy's monetary value.

All these problems that I'm talking about don't necessarily have to be serious problems. It could simply be something cosmetic or esthetic or maybe an improvement on a tool.
There is a general belief that to be a successful business person you have to come up with a big idea. Hollywood producers and movies constantly pound it into our head that its gotta be some huge life changing invention. This is simply not the case. Millions of dollars have been made from something as simple as sticking glue on paper. Remember post-it notes.

Actually, the smaller the variance and improvement, the better because it's typically then easier to implement and bring your idea to reality.

Time and energy are simply synonyms for money, because they are almost directly inter-exchangeable. If I have time, I can use that time to make money. If I have money, I can buy other people's time and energy. The more energy I have to expand, the more money I can make. Common sense.

coming up with answers to this ever increasing list of problems is a simple recipe that anyone can use to make money, whether they drop out or not, and it is this formula that creates millionaires and billionaires on a daily basis.

-the millionaire mindset
-Real estate
-self discipline
-So.. Should you drop out? What was the essence that you took away from that clip? Your feedback will be appreciated.

Radio Episode 3 - Is School the Only Way to a Good Education?

The First thing you hear when you tell people that you are thinking about dropping out of school, is that you shouldn't turn your back on an education. This is forgivable because most of us have endured year after year of schooling, so it becomes almost impossible to think outside that frame of reference.

Let me ask this though.. How do kids learn to walk and talk? And as essential as those skills are you would think the government would institutionalize the process children learning to walk or talk. But somehow almost every child if left alone to learn in the presence of active adults, will watch them, and mimic that behavior. This is how education happens, by actually watching people do the things you want or need to learn.

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In nature, specialization does not happen the way it's done through schooling. In nature, and as an example let me use someone who has a particular interest in music.
Well if that person makes it a habit to constantly improve their skills and understanding of music through either constant practice, reading books or simply watching tutorials on the topic, They will inevitably be lead into different fields, skills and practices.

Boredom is the natural educator. Because we can't sit still and do nothing, we have to constantly be engaged in something, whether positive or negative. Whenever we are actually engaged in something we have no choice but to learn and in essence we are practicing that skill.
So if all you do is spend your time playing games, then that is the skill-set you are building. Over time as a gamer, you will get bored and try other games, may take an interest in making your own games, may simply be interested in the graphics, or you might find you like the music and sound effects. These simple interests branch off into almost every other academic field of learning.
A nice analogy to this is to compare monoculture and perma-culture. Monoculture spend all their time growing one crop in mass, leaving the field vulnerable to pest attacks and the soil is uniformly being depleted.
This is when you have a large field with acre and acres of the same crop. Sounds like a good idea at first, sort of like schooling and how individual topics are isolated and people are taught to specialize. This leaves a huge number of school educated people vulnerable to certain prejudices and biases
Through perma-culture, by slowly developing the soil and blending a multitude of different crops, herbs and even animals sometimes, the farmer is able to create a sort of self sustaining farm that is well protected from pests by carefully selecting crops that compliment and offer protective benefits to each other.
This is the same as a child learning academics not by being crammed into some one size fits all school system which drills down into topics before the students feel the need for them. Instead through self education a student can follow their interests in certain activities and professions, and over time, their natural curiosity and competitive drive will lead them to the academic fields of study behind the things they love doing.

Radio Episode 2 - Is School Accreditation A Good Fallback Plan?

So why is it that we are told from a very young age that a school education is a good fall-back plan?  When did owning property, businesses and your community's respect go out of the window? How is a ticket to work for someone else a good fall back plan when you get old and are unable to work any longer?

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how does that ticket to employment help you if you fall sick?The number one reason people fall into poverty and file for bankruptcy is people getting sick.Because of this mindset most people once they fall sick, have no type of financial defense set up. They have been taught that having a job and a ticket to a job is all you need. Obviously this is not the case.

How is getting an expensive education racking up debt, and entering a global marketplace a good fall-back plan when there are millions of people entering that global economy who are willing and ready to do that same job for one tenth your pay with one 12th your living expenses and 0% of your debt, because schools are cheap abroad.

The only thing keeping this facade going is the protectionism allowed by the government. If it wasn't for laws preventing those people from competing with you to the fullest extent, these positions would no longer exist or at the very best they wouldn't be worth going into six figure debts for.

When you put all of the above together with the fact that schools overcharge on purpose and are businesses just like any other, it becomes obvious that the reason this mindset persists is the result of a very successful marketing campaign

please call in with your thoughts contentions and ideas... I'm always open to debate.
which is not a bad thing. Another product of schooling is the mass belief that being argumentative is a bad thing.

This is a habit we all picked up from teachers not wanting to be argued with. It's what I say it is because that's what the book says it is and you better say that's what it is or we gonna have problems. 
Then the rest of the class just gets mad at you for making the teacher mad. How we are all trained to jump to the defense of these teachers.

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Dropout's Survival Guide

Okay, so you've now just dropped out and things are going pretty easy for you. You have tons of free time and don't have to worry about the pages of homework and essays to be written.  This is all Fine and by all means, please take some time away from everything to get in touch with you, you've earned it after years of having to bear the unnatural treatment we get put through as kids.

If you're anything like me, eventually you get to a point where you begin to wonder what's next, and coming up with that next step is more difficult than it may seem to those who've never been in that position.  Most just try to tell us to go back to school or we may attempt to enroll in alternative plans that run almost identically to the same schools we left.  In this guide I share with you a process that will make your time and experience as a dropout much more enjoyable.

This may surprise you, but we all need an education!!!


Don't leave yet!!! I am not telling you or even recommending that you go back to school. What I am saying is that you can't slack up on your education, and now that you're not tied down to the rules of power hungry teachers and obsessive school board members, education pretty much means whatever your imagination is able to make of it.

You now have the freedom to look for the things that interest you, seek out mentors and actually start doing the things you want to be doing.  Schools teach you to do things you don't necessarily like doing in order to hopefully graduate one day, get a job and make money.  In the real world (where us dropouts live), you actually have the freedom to explore ways of turning your passions and hobbies into successful careers that pay as well as you want them to.

In schools we are taught to just focus on doing the job the way we're told, and the money will come rolling in. In the Real world, you are free to actually discover that money is an exchange medium and it is only truly created by solving problems for other people.  You can explore other people's ideas, successes, failures, and train yourself to solve problems faced by many to create true value of Ginormous scales.

The first crucial step in this process is to this is to realize that there is a whole world of education that's not based on school, that's not like school and that's actually fun and interesting if you would only take the time to check it out.  If  you've dropped out of school, then traditional schooling probably does not work for you and this guide will share some ideas on how you can increase your value as a human being by learning the things you want to learn.


Schools have taught most of us not to like learning or anything related to education simply by the summer break.  Everyone simply can't wait for the summer break where they usually spend a few months away from anything academic and forget all that was taught in the previous semester. I know this was my experience.

This teaches us that the reward is to not be actively engaged in learning, and this is done by overloading us with boredom subconsciously associated to education.


During your me time, Incorporate physical exercise or meditation of some sort, and although most of you may think meditation is a silly practice with no real benefits...  well, you've never experienced a high like the one you feel after a session.

Schools don't teach us about connecting to ourselves and learning to control our bodies on an internal level.  Doing simple meditations and breathing exercises even just occasionally will help you relax a ton and enjoy much more productive brain states.  You will become a bit smarter and remain in more positive moods, which is what is needed to solve problems in the real world.

Here are some links to some of the amazing things you will be able to accomplish simply by meditating consistently.


The first thing you should learn to do is pace yourself.  Learn your own on and off rhythm so that you can spend a couple of hours on your education, and a few hours in between each session to reflect on what you've learned. 


Education is a lifelong process that never ends, so the more exciting learning can be for you the better.  I am certain there is something you really like doing and can't wait to do it whenever you get the chance. Try to learn if anyone is making money doing just that or something similar.  Call in to my radio show on Blogtalkradio if you're having a hard time coming up with any ideas. The listeners and I may be able to help you out with some to get you started on the right path.

Although you should spend a lot of me time whenever you feel the need for it, the key to being successful as a dropout is to find the things that naturally motivate you and exploit them to your full advantage. This is an easy recipe that anyone can follow to wealth.


A lot of students who drop out are school are told that there isn't much out there except for sports, entertainment and crime.  The media constantly perpetuates this message and it is no surprise that so many dropouts turn to illicit activities in order to bring in some money.

At the end of the day, Everyone needs to eat, needs a place to stay, and would probably prefer to have a car or two just to get around if anything.

Most dropouts feel that there aren't many options once you get off the well laid out path of schooling.  After years of schooling and not being exposed to anything else, most of us have a hard time creating anything of value to begin earning money, so we resort to the usual suspects.

Dropouts are not to blame for this situation because it is only a natural response to the training and schooling we've been put through.  This was the precise outcome desired by the school, to leave us in a state where if there isn't a path already mapped out, we will be immobilized and have no way of creating anything of our own.

Join my Daily show on BlogTalkRadio where we help you break free of that mentality and once you do, you will begin to see money everywhere.  When other people see problems, you will see opportunities.  Where other people have been taught to whine and complain, you will learn to open up shop.

Once you learn how to truly view money and know where it comes from, the ways to make money will seem endless. The problem will always go back to what was mentioned in previous chapters, which is catering to your individual needs and playing on your strengths.


Once you've figured out the things you have natural interest and ability in, all you have to do is build your own educational (not school) curriculum and you can use the following list to help you come up with ideas for what to include in your curriculum:

1. Listen to online Radio Shows
2. Read online blogs related to your interests
3. Watch youtube videos, tutorials and documentaries about those topics
4. Find and go to seminars about your interests
5. Find a meet-up group or start one on
6. Volunteer for places where you can learn skills related to your interests
7. Find someone good at what you want to do and work as an apprentice for Free
8. Find other people with similar interests through online forums.

These are just a few ideas and if you have some more useful ideas or tips please share them in the comments section below.  This article will be periodically updated with new information.  Thank you for stopping by and please make sure to join us on BlogTalkRadio Daily at 3:30pm Central time (US).

Radio Ep. 2 - Is School education a good fall-back plan?

Most people you talk to will tell you that having a good education is a great fall back plan for most adults in society.  The problem here is that the majority of senior citizens in this country depend on their families or government for financial assistance.

Obviously the majority of these individuals went to school, graduated and worked so called "good jobs" for decades, but yet as they age, it becomes aparent that they have no savings or investments to carry them through retirement.

If it was the case that this education and employment was a great fall back plan, why is it then that most of these people as they age are unable to financially provide for themselves.

School teaches us that obedience to authority and dependency is the key to success.   Tune in to the show at 3:30 pm on Friday August 23rd to discuss the true road to success and independence here at the dropout rebellion. Listen Here

Dropout Rebellion Radio Ep. 1 - How Do dropouts spend their time?

Just because you've dropped out of school does not mean that the learning stops.  Here at the dropout rebellion, we understand that education is a life-long self directed process.

In this show, we wanted to find out how most high school drop outs spend their time and discuss ways that one can get a prime education and be productive in society with no help from schooling.
School is not the only way to learn, and just because you are not in school anymore does not mean you should stop all learning activities.

To the contrary, now that you are no longer burdened with having to wasted almost 8hours a day at school, you should at least be willing to invest a couple of hours a day in self directed learning.
Let us introduce you to a world of learning that is fun and engaging and does not require you to squeeze yourself into some box or bossed around by some teacher with no connection to your needs and interests.

Explore the real world of education without schooling! Join us on the dropout rebellion radio show today( 8/22/13 ) @ 3:30 pm. TUNE IN

Did you just drop out of school?

Don't worry bro, I'm not gonna waste your time telling you how you should go back to school, because obviously that's not working out for you if you got to this point. Some of us are just not built for the whole school thing and evidence shows that there might be something wrong with those people who have no problem with 12 years of schooling or more.

The problem with schools is that they cater to the lowest common denominator in us, while human beings are individuals with different personalities and interests. I know you feel like the weird one, but think about all the hours you spend learning things in school that you can't even remember six months later?

Some of us don't like to be herded from room to room at the sound of a bell like cattle. Some of us don't like to be given only 45 minutes to get into a subject until the bell rings and off we go to the next class. It is totally understandable that you find this treatment unbecoming of a conscious human being, and now that you are old enough to decide for yourself, you feel it is time to get out of that situation.

One central problem in society that leads to much talent being wasted is the fact that once you drop out of school, everyone kinda forgets about you. Sure there are alternative programs out there, but isn't it funny how they are all set up to work just like schools, teach the same thing schools do, and all spend most of their time telling you to go back to school. This is circular thinking which is why their results are at best short term fixes that lead to more long term problems

Here are three things to keep in mind as a drop-out, that will help you avoid becoming a statistic:
  1. "No school" does not mean "no education," and in 2013 there are literally thousands of ways to educate yourself and Learn the basic skills needed to lead a successful and productive life that are entertaining and cut straight to the core.

  2. Education is a lifelong process, and just because there isn't a teacher telling you what to do and when to do is doesn't mean that you shouldn't actively look to learn new things or improve your skills at the things you're already good at. Never stop learning is the motto. You will be more valuable as a person, will earn more money and will have more options when it comes to ways to earn money if you're constantly learning new things about the world around you. We live in the information age, and there is almost no excuse for being under-informed or under-educated, even if you do drop out of school.

  3. Join Active Communities based on your interests or hobbies, that way you will always be surrounded by like minded people who are actually taking their interests serious and making things happen. Being around the right people during this transition can make your experience as a drop-out much more productive than if you'd been in school.

I dropped out of school because I wanted to solve real problems for myself and others, not made up ones with the answer in the back of the book. The stats currently show that as drop-outs, we are more likely to end up in prison, I believe as drop-outs, we have more opportunities to create something never before seen that's been long overdue. The problem is we've never banded together. We simply go on our own paths alone, either falling to the underworld of crime and vice or simply doing enough to get by because that is what society has convinced us was true since we were not good enough to finish school.

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No! School wasn't good enough for us, that's why we left. This is why I started the Dropout Rebellion to show that schooling is not the only way to educate or achieve success and independence in life. In my opinion, schooling is poor at helping people attain those goals which is why the majority of senior citizens over the age of 60 depend on family members or the government for financial support.

Schooling has trained us to memorize and recite answers to get a job working for someone else. Dropout Rebellion is about learning your own strengths and weaknesses and forming partnerships to create profitable businesses. School teaches us that only a few special individuals can run a business. The truly educated know that you as a person are a business. Selling your skills for employment is a skill, but we get taught to simply become employees in companies we have no control over.

My show is about empowerment and the very first episode to my radio show is titled "how do high school dropouts spend their time?" because we have been trained to think that since we are not in school, we can't possibly be learning anything, so I wanted to see how other dropouts were spending their time.

Call in to my show on blogtalkradio and tell us more about your dropout experience.