Thursday, August 29, 2013

Radio Episode 2 - Is School Accreditation A Good Fallback Plan?

So why is it that we are told from a very young age that a school education is a good fall-back plan?  When did owning property, businesses and your community's respect go out of the window? How is a ticket to work for someone else a good fall back plan when you get old and are unable to work any longer?

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how does that ticket to employment help you if you fall sick?The number one reason people fall into poverty and file for bankruptcy is people getting sick.Because of this mindset most people once they fall sick, have no type of financial defense set up. They have been taught that having a job and a ticket to a job is all you need. Obviously this is not the case.

How is getting an expensive education racking up debt, and entering a global marketplace a good fall-back plan when there are millions of people entering that global economy who are willing and ready to do that same job for one tenth your pay with one 12th your living expenses and 0% of your debt, because schools are cheap abroad.

The only thing keeping this facade going is the protectionism allowed by the government. If it wasn't for laws preventing those people from competing with you to the fullest extent, these positions would no longer exist or at the very best they wouldn't be worth going into six figure debts for.

When you put all of the above together with the fact that schools overcharge on purpose and are businesses just like any other, it becomes obvious that the reason this mindset persists is the result of a very successful marketing campaign

please call in with your thoughts contentions and ideas... I'm always open to debate.
which is not a bad thing. Another product of schooling is the mass belief that being argumentative is a bad thing.

This is a habit we all picked up from teachers not wanting to be argued with. It's what I say it is because that's what the book says it is and you better say that's what it is or we gonna have problems. 
Then the rest of the class just gets mad at you for making the teacher mad. How we are all trained to jump to the defense of these teachers.

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