Thursday, August 29, 2013

Radio Episode 5 - What about those who don't fit in?

What is the point of our show and what do we mean by self education. Self education is something everyone does.
  • When you pick up on the latest slang
  • when you start dressing like your peers
  • when you learn how to drive and navigate your way around your local area
  • when you learn to dance by watching dance moves on tv
  • when you cook by reading a recipe and experimenting
  • When you learn how to compose instrumentals by simply doing it every day
  • when you learn how to play an instrument at home
  • when you learn how to fix minor things on your car, changing tires, changing the oil, changing the alternator or battery and the starter.
  • When you learn how to clean your house by simply doing it and seeing what works and doesn't.
  • When you learn how to eat healthy and exercise by going to the gym or doing the physical activities your into.
  • When you learn how to swim or how to use new gadgets or how to garden and take care of your lawn.
I could go on for days, but see the point that I'm making is that self education is the norm.  Self education is what we do most of the time we need to learn the most critical skills needed for a functional life, such as learning how to walk as infants and learning to speak as toddlers.

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There is no government mandated school for any of these skills we couldn't live without, so why is it that when people opt out of government mandated school in their teens, we treat them as if their academic life is over, when there are obviously thousands of ways to learn the same skills and information.

Self education does not mean no schooling period. It means self directed schooling based on your own interests and talents.  If you're not in school once you hit 18 you better move out is what we're told. 
So those who go the traditional route of schooling, the schooling directed by the desire for a stable job with a nice paycheck are provided a social cushion and the environment to make the best of that education.

Those who want to first find themselves and then direct their own education through alternative means are kicked to the curb and forced to have to deal with the harsh realities of life long before they are able to get either goal accomplished.

I'm generalizing, but what I'm saying is based on my own experience and I know I am not the only one who goes through this.  

The problem with self education, is that we presently its mostly an isolated process where students and people are left on their own to find their way. Most dropouts or home schoolers do not have support networks or guidance when it comes to sharing resources and tools to make their self education journey easier.

There are many educational resources, but not too many people connecting the dots and helping these students turn their human capital into great careers and businesses. Most who chose self education are told that they will earn less money and that they only have a few low paying options as careers.

This is simply false and in my opinion the most personally liberating and character building careers do not require school.

Here are a couple reasons why this the case.

If you're teaching yourself the things you want to learn how to do and putting in enough energy to actually reach a professional level, you probably have twice the self motivation and exerted twice the willpower that anyone in school has. And by not only learning but developing your own curriculum, you gain a perspective and level of expertise on the topic that are of great value to customers. Not so much the schools.

To turn human capital and the skills you possess into a source of income require you to learn skills that for the most part may be unrelated to your main interests. being the best at what you do in the world means nothing if you do not have the ability to sell yourself and make that service public knowledge. in the school and government supported employment web, filling out a job application is all one needs to do, which bypasses the need to learn what goes on across the room from them in the marketing, billing and finance department.

This is how we end up with so many scientists who can only think one way about things and fail to connect the dots present when you start looking at the bigger picture.

The thunderbolts project is a yt channel that talks about how the physical universe is mostly electric. Mainstream physicists claim that electricity does not play a major role in the movement of the stars and alignment of the planets, but the engineers across the room for them claim otherwise, even offering solutions to many of their so called unsolved problems through simple lab experiments and principles that have been known since the late 1800s.
IF these academics (theoretical physicists to be exact) were like engineers who are active in translating scientific discovery into real products people use and pay for, instead of relying on money handed to them through grants, they would also have the need to go across the room and explore what other fields of research may be able to contribute to their own research.

To the contrary though this mentally compartmentalized group ignores everyone else's input due to lack of exposure.

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