Thursday, August 29, 2013

Radio Episode 4 - "Please Don't Drop out of school" Review

Welcome to the dropout rebellion now called self education radio. Its time for the wise and educated to speak out in response to the stigma and constant criticism we receive as dropouts.  I hope you enjoyed the previous clip and please call in to the show at --- to share your thoughts on what you just heard.

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"You shouldn't drop out of school because its a scary thing to do for most people." Do you think that is true or does it pay off to face your fears and follow your instincts about educating your self.

No one who drops out just thinks I'm gonna drop out, stay home and do nothing from now on and be poor. Most of the dropouts who end up like this are immobilized from certain unseen processes in our economy. What we call opportunity cost in economics, translated to a shortage of opportunities for the oucasts.

Well , If you're one of the people who feel this way, you've come to the right place, because the opportunities abound once you learn to shift your perspective and retrain yourself on how to think.

You see, there are thousands of problems in this world faced by all sorts of people. There are so many problems to be solved that we probably couldn't identify them all. It's also futile to try to identify all problems people face because there are new ones popping up all the time.

What I mean is that things that were acceptable and ok yesterday, become not okay as you learn more and more information. This means that as you encounter more information and as the species in general does the same thing, we are constantly creating new problems and in the information age, more problems are coming into existence than we can solve, and there are no signs of this process slowing down.

What am I talking about and why do I bring this up? Well problems people face represent opportunities for profit by providing a solution. You provide an answer that saves people's time and energy when it comes to dealing with anything, and you stand to profit from that difference in time and energy's monetary value.

All these problems that I'm talking about don't necessarily have to be serious problems. It could simply be something cosmetic or esthetic or maybe an improvement on a tool.
There is a general belief that to be a successful business person you have to come up with a big idea. Hollywood producers and movies constantly pound it into our head that its gotta be some huge life changing invention. This is simply not the case. Millions of dollars have been made from something as simple as sticking glue on paper. Remember post-it notes.

Actually, the smaller the variance and improvement, the better because it's typically then easier to implement and bring your idea to reality.

Time and energy are simply synonyms for money, because they are almost directly inter-exchangeable. If I have time, I can use that time to make money. If I have money, I can buy other people's time and energy. The more energy I have to expand, the more money I can make. Common sense.

coming up with answers to this ever increasing list of problems is a simple recipe that anyone can use to make money, whether they drop out or not, and it is this formula that creates millionaires and billionaires on a daily basis.

-the millionaire mindset
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-self discipline
-So.. Should you drop out? What was the essence that you took away from that clip? Your feedback will be appreciated.

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