Thursday, August 22, 2013

Did you just drop out of school?

Don't worry bro, I'm not gonna waste your time telling you how you should go back to school, because obviously that's not working out for you if you got to this point. Some of us are just not built for the whole school thing and evidence shows that there might be something wrong with those people who have no problem with 12 years of schooling or more.

The problem with schools is that they cater to the lowest common denominator in us, while human beings are individuals with different personalities and interests. I know you feel like the weird one, but think about all the hours you spend learning things in school that you can't even remember six months later?

Some of us don't like to be herded from room to room at the sound of a bell like cattle. Some of us don't like to be given only 45 minutes to get into a subject until the bell rings and off we go to the next class. It is totally understandable that you find this treatment unbecoming of a conscious human being, and now that you are old enough to decide for yourself, you feel it is time to get out of that situation.

One central problem in society that leads to much talent being wasted is the fact that once you drop out of school, everyone kinda forgets about you. Sure there are alternative programs out there, but isn't it funny how they are all set up to work just like schools, teach the same thing schools do, and all spend most of their time telling you to go back to school. This is circular thinking which is why their results are at best short term fixes that lead to more long term problems

Here are three things to keep in mind as a drop-out, that will help you avoid becoming a statistic:
  1. "No school" does not mean "no education," and in 2013 there are literally thousands of ways to educate yourself and Learn the basic skills needed to lead a successful and productive life that are entertaining and cut straight to the core.

  2. Education is a lifelong process, and just because there isn't a teacher telling you what to do and when to do is doesn't mean that you shouldn't actively look to learn new things or improve your skills at the things you're already good at. Never stop learning is the motto. You will be more valuable as a person, will earn more money and will have more options when it comes to ways to earn money if you're constantly learning new things about the world around you. We live in the information age, and there is almost no excuse for being under-informed or under-educated, even if you do drop out of school.

  3. Join Active Communities based on your interests or hobbies, that way you will always be surrounded by like minded people who are actually taking their interests serious and making things happen. Being around the right people during this transition can make your experience as a drop-out much more productive than if you'd been in school.

I dropped out of school because I wanted to solve real problems for myself and others, not made up ones with the answer in the back of the book. The stats currently show that as drop-outs, we are more likely to end up in prison, I believe as drop-outs, we have more opportunities to create something never before seen that's been long overdue. The problem is we've never banded together. We simply go on our own paths alone, either falling to the underworld of crime and vice or simply doing enough to get by because that is what society has convinced us was true since we were not good enough to finish school.

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No! School wasn't good enough for us, that's why we left. This is why I started the Dropout Rebellion to show that schooling is not the only way to educate or achieve success and independence in life. In my opinion, schooling is poor at helping people attain those goals which is why the majority of senior citizens over the age of 60 depend on family members or the government for financial support.

Schooling has trained us to memorize and recite answers to get a job working for someone else. Dropout Rebellion is about learning your own strengths and weaknesses and forming partnerships to create profitable businesses. School teaches us that only a few special individuals can run a business. The truly educated know that you as a person are a business. Selling your skills for employment is a skill, but we get taught to simply become employees in companies we have no control over.

My show is about empowerment and the very first episode to my radio show is titled "how do high school dropouts spend their time?" because we have been trained to think that since we are not in school, we can't possibly be learning anything, so I wanted to see how other dropouts were spending their time.

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