Thursday, August 22, 2013

Dropout's Survival Guide

Okay, so you've now just dropped out and things are going pretty easy for you. You have tons of free time and don't have to worry about the pages of homework and essays to be written.  This is all Fine and by all means, please take some time away from everything to get in touch with you, you've earned it after years of having to bear the unnatural treatment we get put through as kids.

If you're anything like me, eventually you get to a point where you begin to wonder what's next, and coming up with that next step is more difficult than it may seem to those who've never been in that position.  Most just try to tell us to go back to school or we may attempt to enroll in alternative plans that run almost identically to the same schools we left.  In this guide I share with you a process that will make your time and experience as a dropout much more enjoyable.

This may surprise you, but we all need an education!!!


Don't leave yet!!! I am not telling you or even recommending that you go back to school. What I am saying is that you can't slack up on your education, and now that you're not tied down to the rules of power hungry teachers and obsessive school board members, education pretty much means whatever your imagination is able to make of it.

You now have the freedom to look for the things that interest you, seek out mentors and actually start doing the things you want to be doing.  Schools teach you to do things you don't necessarily like doing in order to hopefully graduate one day, get a job and make money.  In the real world (where us dropouts live), you actually have the freedom to explore ways of turning your passions and hobbies into successful careers that pay as well as you want them to.

In schools we are taught to just focus on doing the job the way we're told, and the money will come rolling in. In the Real world, you are free to actually discover that money is an exchange medium and it is only truly created by solving problems for other people.  You can explore other people's ideas, successes, failures, and train yourself to solve problems faced by many to create true value of Ginormous scales.

The first crucial step in this process is to this is to realize that there is a whole world of education that's not based on school, that's not like school and that's actually fun and interesting if you would only take the time to check it out.  If  you've dropped out of school, then traditional schooling probably does not work for you and this guide will share some ideas on how you can increase your value as a human being by learning the things you want to learn.


Schools have taught most of us not to like learning or anything related to education simply by the summer break.  Everyone simply can't wait for the summer break where they usually spend a few months away from anything academic and forget all that was taught in the previous semester. I know this was my experience.

This teaches us that the reward is to not be actively engaged in learning, and this is done by overloading us with boredom subconsciously associated to education.


During your me time, Incorporate physical exercise or meditation of some sort, and although most of you may think meditation is a silly practice with no real benefits...  well, you've never experienced a high like the one you feel after a session.

Schools don't teach us about connecting to ourselves and learning to control our bodies on an internal level.  Doing simple meditations and breathing exercises even just occasionally will help you relax a ton and enjoy much more productive brain states.  You will become a bit smarter and remain in more positive moods, which is what is needed to solve problems in the real world.

Here are some links to some of the amazing things you will be able to accomplish simply by meditating consistently.


The first thing you should learn to do is pace yourself.  Learn your own on and off rhythm so that you can spend a couple of hours on your education, and a few hours in between each session to reflect on what you've learned. 


Education is a lifelong process that never ends, so the more exciting learning can be for you the better.  I am certain there is something you really like doing and can't wait to do it whenever you get the chance. Try to learn if anyone is making money doing just that or something similar.  Call in to my radio show on Blogtalkradio if you're having a hard time coming up with any ideas. The listeners and I may be able to help you out with some to get you started on the right path.

Although you should spend a lot of me time whenever you feel the need for it, the key to being successful as a dropout is to find the things that naturally motivate you and exploit them to your full advantage. This is an easy recipe that anyone can follow to wealth.


A lot of students who drop out are school are told that there isn't much out there except for sports, entertainment and crime.  The media constantly perpetuates this message and it is no surprise that so many dropouts turn to illicit activities in order to bring in some money.

At the end of the day, Everyone needs to eat, needs a place to stay, and would probably prefer to have a car or two just to get around if anything.

Most dropouts feel that there aren't many options once you get off the well laid out path of schooling.  After years of schooling and not being exposed to anything else, most of us have a hard time creating anything of value to begin earning money, so we resort to the usual suspects.

Dropouts are not to blame for this situation because it is only a natural response to the training and schooling we've been put through.  This was the precise outcome desired by the school, to leave us in a state where if there isn't a path already mapped out, we will be immobilized and have no way of creating anything of our own.

Join my Daily show on BlogTalkRadio where we help you break free of that mentality and once you do, you will begin to see money everywhere.  When other people see problems, you will see opportunities.  Where other people have been taught to whine and complain, you will learn to open up shop.

Once you learn how to truly view money and know where it comes from, the ways to make money will seem endless. The problem will always go back to what was mentioned in previous chapters, which is catering to your individual needs and playing on your strengths.


Once you've figured out the things you have natural interest and ability in, all you have to do is build your own educational (not school) curriculum and you can use the following list to help you come up with ideas for what to include in your curriculum:

1. Listen to online Radio Shows
2. Read online blogs related to your interests
3. Watch youtube videos, tutorials and documentaries about those topics
4. Find and go to seminars about your interests
5. Find a meet-up group or start one on
6. Volunteer for places where you can learn skills related to your interests
7. Find someone good at what you want to do and work as an apprentice for Free
8. Find other people with similar interests through online forums.

These are just a few ideas and if you have some more useful ideas or tips please share them in the comments section below.  This article will be periodically updated with new information.  Thank you for stopping by and please make sure to join us on BlogTalkRadio Daily at 3:30pm Central time (US).

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