We have a daily radio show hosted by Prince J. Avery on BlogTalkRadio at 3:30pm central time where we discuss the common pitfalls dropouts face when it comes to dealing with life's challenges and try to share a new point of view that says that academics don't all have to come from schools and just because one dropped out does not mean one has to stop learning altogether.

We focus on individual empowerment through self directed learning and creating an environment where productivity and profitable partnerships arise organically. Everyone wants to live a happy and productive lifestyle. Some of us just aren't built to do this following the traditional schooling route, so we are creating a community here where dropouts can learn, exchange ideas and grow together.

About the Host:

My name is Prince Jerome Avery and I am a University dropout. I realized it became too difficult for me to force myself to work on completely monotonous school assignments when on my own private learning time I was learning so much and was encountering life changing information on an almost daily basis.

I'm that kid in school who used to check out dozens of books from the library and read them all.  It wasn't too much of a problem at first and I was still able to grind through the school work, making top grades for most of that time, up until my senior year.

I guess when you've spent years reading truly inspirational works on topics you're really interested in, it becomes unbearable to sit through the boring and repetitive stuff you don't care about and know you have no future in.

Not being in school has allowed me to pursue interests in many different fields and start a multitude of small businesses.  I have been a freelance writer, written and sold e-books, Built and still run a small PC repair Business, pursue my interests in music and now I have a profitable home recording studio and sell instrumentals to local artists, even booking shows and mini-tours.  I am also on the Board of Directors for The Human Nature Foundation out of Texas, a Small non-profit company started by myself and three friends that will work to plan food gardens all over our city as well as organize educational events to spread awareness about perma-culture and modern gardening techniques to youths.

I started the dropout rebellion to show that just because you dropped out doesn't mean you have to start selling drugs, committing crimes or working minimum wage jobs.  Join my radio show and mastermind group to learn how to take charge of your future and make the best use of your free time as a dropout.

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