Thursday, August 22, 2013

Radio Ep. 2 - Is School education a good fall-back plan?

Most people you talk to will tell you that having a good education is a great fall back plan for most adults in society.  The problem here is that the majority of senior citizens in this country depend on their families or government for financial assistance.

Obviously the majority of these individuals went to school, graduated and worked so called "good jobs" for decades, but yet as they age, it becomes aparent that they have no savings or investments to carry them through retirement.

If it was the case that this education and employment was a great fall back plan, why is it then that most of these people as they age are unable to financially provide for themselves.

School teaches us that obedience to authority and dependency is the key to success.   Tune in to the show at 3:30 pm on Friday August 23rd to discuss the true road to success and independence here at the dropout rebellion. Listen Here

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